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The year is 1592 and the Japanese have launched an invasion of Korea. Cursed with corruption and incompetent leaders, Korea has all but fallen, their armies overwhelmed and navy destroyed. Korea's fate now lies in a handful of ships and Admiral Yi Sun-sin, a man who has never fought a naval battle.

Play as the greatest naval commander of all time, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, as you defend Korea. Features a massive open world accurately modelled on the Korea coast.

Use the arrow keys to manoeuvre your ship and click to fire your cannons. Use control and shift to raise and lower your sails and catch the wind. Press "m" to view the map and plan your battle. Dock with the harbour at Yeosu to repair, build and upgrade ships. 


Build.zip 41 MB


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Hello, I was suggested to be part of the crew reviewing games and yours was the first I saw on the list.  Not a bad start I like the concept idea and looks like a good build.  The bar has been set high so I look forward to playing it.

Hey there. Thanks for the comments and let me know if you have any questions as I'm new to this competition. Due to coursework restrictions I wasn't able to do much work on the project till the end of January, so bashed it out pretty rapidly. I'm very keen on the concept as it's a historical period rarely talked about here in the West. Hopefully I'll have the chance to further develop the concept in a few months.

As a intense YouTuber and game developer I know how hard it can be especially if your new to it but I will be reviewing all the games, if some stand out they will go on my channel :P  Good luck.